Getting Help After the Birth

Take into consideration seeking assistance during postpartum, which can be very busy and over-bearing. You can speak with the experts around the hospital. A lot of hospitals have feeding specialists or lactation consultants who can aid you in beginning nursing or bottle-feeding. Nurses are also a great resource and they can demonstrate the proper way on how to hold, burp, change, and take care of your baby.

For some assistance at home, you might want to consider hiring a baby nurse, postpartum doula, or a reliable neighbor to help you temporarily after birth. Your doctor or the hospital can help you gather information about in-home help and might make a recommendation to home health agencies.

Relatives and friends usually intend to help as well. Despite some disagreements on certain things, don’t reject their offer to help. But if you don’t like the idea of having guests or you have other concerns, don’t feel bad about implementing restrictions on visitors.

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